DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE is more than just damn strong coffee. While it does function perfectly as a wake-up and has wonderful coffee flavor, DEAD OR ALICE COFFEE can do so much more. DOAC is a brand that individualists identify with. A statement, that says no to the mainstream. Pure life, one sip at a time.

DEAD OR ALIVE are artists and architects whose creativity is fueled by caffeine. Or street workers, pilots, doctors and truck drivers who fight fatigue with an espresso. Or night owls who just want to party non-stop - true to the motto, "gimme the night". Athletes who need that extra kick before training. Or connoisseurs who just want a great cup of coffee that wakes them up. 

Our online shop offers more than whole-bean coffee - we also have products to help you express the DEAD OR ALIVE lifestyle. Make your DEAD OR ALIVE statement with selected products like the enamel mugs, for example the one created by illustrator Marcos Cabrera from Barcelona. Drinking from that special mug makes our black stuff taste even better. Because it's all about the packaging - we drink with the eyes, as well. Another jewel from the DEAD OR ALIVE collection is the "wake the fuck up" t-shirt, created by photographer Lukas Hämmerle. With a develish grin and shining yellow eyes, the design, like our coffee, stands for pure adrenaline and makes a clear statement. There is also the DEAD OR ALIVE "gimme the night" t-shirt, available for women and men. So live like you fuckin' mean it ...