DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE means pure passion to us – to every single one of our crew. In 2017 we started our journey together, with the goal to create one of the worlds strongest coffees. One with that extra punch, which is at the same time incredibly tasty. We tried out different blends, ordered the finest coffee beans from all over the world. Literally we did not leave the small batch roastery for weeks in order to create „our“ coffee. And finally it just hit right in - everybody on the crew was damn sure: this is the coffee we always wished for, we always dreamed of. Three different beans that are roasted separately. Always in small batches to guarantee a maximum of freshness. And for sure always with passion and lots of experience.

And there it was born, our DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE that is so much more than just a delicious beverage. Black gold that gives you that extra punch of energy, to fight one of those fuck you moments in life. A cup of pure adrenalin, that makes your heart race and at the same time provides you with delicious flavor, sip by sip. A reason to get up in the morning, a reason to be looking forward for the day to start. And certainly a coffee for special moments to throw back a „fuck you“ at life when things are getting hard. A way of living that makes you push the limits, that makes you feel alive. And certainly a lifestyle which always remembers you: live like you fuckin’ mean it. And start doing that right now!

The crew
According to all of that, our crew consists of true coffeeholics. We all love our cup of DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE and we live the lifestyle to the fullest. Like for example Mike, the founder of DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE. He is scared by boring people and loves speed. He spends half of his nights in the office, adjusting designs and layouts to communicate „DEAD OR ALIVE“. And he is doing that with passion and sparkling eyes, accompanied for sure by a cup of the black gold. Also there is Max, the youngest one on the crew. He is our social media guru, loves photography and filming. He has a very good eye for layouts, colours and details – and sets the tone of our appearance on Instagram and facebook. And whenever he is not online, he enjoys a strong cup of DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE. Then there is Sebastian, our graphic designer. He added his creative touch to all of our apprearances - no matter if that is the coffee packages, postcards, short movies, merchandise and more. When he is working with his computer to design our fucking strong appearance, he is doing his thing. And he is doing that very well!

Petra is our good-hearted soul, holding the fort in our office. She is organising the paperwork, writing emails, making orders. Literally taking care of everthing, so that Mike and the rest of the crew can go out there to sell and promote our fucking strong coffee. Also there are the two Barbaras, who are hand in hand setting the tone of our communication. They are writing text, playing with language and producing strong images in your mind. Giving DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE character, also apart from the beans. Romy is another crew member, who is making sure that our strong coffee gets to your home as quickly as possible. Also she is helping out at our events to serve you hot, strong coffee. You definitely can’t miss her behind the counter – she stands out, not only with her height of 1,81 meters!   

Furthermores our photographer Lukas adds some crazyness to our crew. With his endless creativity, he shoots just the perfect photos to present our lifestyle always on the limit. More than just impressive....
Also when it comes to design and graphical appearance, the Marte brothers Stefan and Bernhard always had a very strong influence on DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE. The award winning architects played and advisory and implementing role from the first day on. Also they created our designer coffee mugs. And in endless night sessions, accompanied with strong coffee, the next steps of DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE have been discussed with them. Strategy and products, distribution and graphical appearance - the architects have been an inmense support in all of the fields relating to DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE. Furthermore they are not only strategical support, but more like true brothers to owner Mike Feurstein.