How long does shipping take?
We ship within 1-4 business days (from receipt of your payment). You’ll receive a tracking ID with the shipment confirmation. That way, you’ll always know exactly where your coffee is hanging out.
How much does shipping cost?
With orders of EUR 35,00 or more, we’ll deliver your black gold to your home at no charge (only Austria, Germany and Switzerland). For order of less that EUR 35,00, we charge EUR 4,00 within Austria, EUR 5,00 within Germany and EUR 7,00 within Switzerland. Individual shipping costs for the rest of Europe. 
How can I cancel my order?
No f*ck you moments? No extra energy boost needed? Your body isn’t screaming for what is probably the best coffee ever? You’re definitely sure – very, very sure? Then send us an email to office@deadoralivecoffee.com, and we’ll cancel your order.

How can I pay?
We offer the following payment options: paypal, eps-giropay or credit card (visa, mastercard). that's it.
My package wasn’t delivered.
If your mailman is delivering his packages at top speed, this may be an indication that he couldn’t resist the irresistible aroma of our coffee beans and treated himself to a sip ... But you can also track down your package: Simply enter the DPD tracking ID, and then you’ll know where your coffee is hanging out. Still unsure where your coffee is? contact us at office@deadoralivecoffee.com
My package was damaged.
Shit happens! Please contact us without delay at office@deadoralivecoffee.com, provide your order number, and, if at all possible, attach a photo. We’ll be sure to find a solution!
I don’t like the way the coffee tastes.
What a shame! Brewed too hot? Ground wrong? Or simply just not to your liking? Contact us at office@deadoralivecoffee.com and maybe we’ll still find a way to make your coffee F*UCKING GREAT. Otherwise, there’s doubtlessly a true coffee addict out there somewhere who would be happy with your opened package.

How do I prepare the perfect coffee?
Coffee is a matter of taste and a question of belief. We know them all: The cafè latte addicts, the espresso fanatics, and the "I-live-for-the-perfect-crema" nerds. Nevertheless, we have a few tips for you to help you with preparation.