Alfred Vogel is a musician and the founder of the Bezau Beatz festivals, as well as a poster boy for DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE. For this passionate drummer, a cup of this "black stuff" is like a pair of his favorite jeans: "it just fits", he explains. Read about what drives him and what DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE means to his lifestyle here. 

The black, tasty beans grind rhythmically in the coffee grinder of musician and festival organizer, Alfred Vogel. Next, he tamps the black powder in the portafilter of his espresso machine and attaches it to the hot brewing head. Precisely 25 seconds of pure anticipation follow as the black gold slowly pours into the stylish espresso cup with the skull logo. The smell of coffee spreads throughout the space; just a few moments separate Alfred Vogel from his first taste of coffee. The official start to the day, this fine energy kick, this true treasure. 

Alfred Vogel talks about his coffee ritual, which he looks forward to every morning. This mechanical task that brings him a sense of well-being. And the black stuff that packs a punch and kicks him into high gear. 

"For me, the day only begins with a great cup of espresso", Alfred Vogel says, describing his morning routine. In DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE he has discovered a coffee that is unique. "it's rare to find a coffee that tastes so good from the get go," he says, revealing his love for the product. The combination of caffeine and strong, perfect flavor, fine crema - and a crazy brand behind it all. "DEAD OR ALIVE espresso is a real energy booster but doesn't give me the jitters - i value that, above all", adds Alfred Vogel. 

The musician and festival organizer needs energy and a clear head, especially when planning and putting off the Bezau Beatz festival. August 2018 marked the 10th anniversary of the festival. Alfred brought top bands to Bezau that are well-known in artists circles and have exceptional talent. This is no easy task and requires at once foresight and an eye for detail. The result is a cultural event for individualists who value uniqueness. "A fitting parallel to DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE, which was there with us as a supporter", Alfred Vogel notes happily.

The passionate drummer is skeptical of anything mainstream, of everybody doing the same thing - for music as well as coffee. Honestly and passionately, he walks his own path, staying true to himself and not selling out - in his music, in the festival organization, but also in other areas of life. "Come as you are - that's how Nirvana put it", Alfred Vogel says. Accordingly, his music is existential and expressive. A passion that drives and accelerates him, inspires and excites him. Something that he can identify with completely, something "good for the soul" - just like a cup of DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE. 

With about three cups of DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE a day, the black stuff is a part of Alfred Vogel's lifestyle. Ambitiously active, he never trains without espresso. When traveling or on vacation, he looks forward to going home, where he can have his morning coffee ritual. To Alfred Vogel, a cup of espresso is a fitting end to a great meal. The black gold is also a necessary element of spending quality time with friends and family. No surprise when he concludes by saying that, with a cup of steaming DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE, "the world just feels right".