Incredibly strong coffee - anytime, anywhere

Summertime is travel time! And when it comes to experiencing adventure, storming mountain peaks or exploring foreign countries - one thing shouldn't be missing: a fine, freshly brewed, strong coffee. Because nothing stimulates the senses like waking up early in the morning with the seductive scent of black gold, literally inhaling the hot steam of the brew and enjoying the first sip. A sip that immediately fills us with a concentrated charge of energy. A sip that ensures true well-being and maximum enjoyment.

A Bialetti espresso maker is a real must-have in every luggage to guarantee that true elation in Italian style anytime and anywhere. Fine coffee can be prepared practically and quickly almost anytime and anywhere. Invented in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti and sold under the resounding name of "Moka Express", the stove reached its popularity after World War II. With its iconic design and aluminum implementation, the jug was quick to heat up and was the perfect option for making fine coffee at home.

The use of a Bialetti stove top espresso maker
One thing is for sure: if the stove top espresso maker is used correctly, it will brew incredibly good coffee. However, there are a few factors that need to be taken into account. The larger the pot, the longer the brewing time. The result is that the grind has to be adjusted to avoid over-extraction and thus the dissolving of bitter substances. Therefore, when buying, you should only choose the size that actually makes sense.It is also recommended to always brew the maximum capacity of the jug. With less water, this is pushed up into the next chamber more easily and quickly. As a result, the water temperature is lower as soon as the liquid comes into contact with the coffee powder - which in turn is not ideal for the perfect brewing process.One thing must definitely be stated: preparing coffee with the Bialetti is a real art, but it only leads to an excellent result with a few tricks and twists.


The preparation
In the best case, coffee is prepared with whole beans and a hand mill - or alternatively with a pack of freshly ground coffee powder. The grinding degree is recommended fine to medium, optimally between that of a portafilter machine and a French press. Both the water container in the lower part of the Bialetti and the coffee strainer should be filled up to the valve or up to the upper edge. The stove top expresso maker is then placed on a heat source: be it an electric or gas stove, a simple camping stove or even an open campfire in the wilderness. The evaporating water creates a pressure that pushes the liquid upwards through the ground coffee. The lid of the stove can remain open so that the coffee can be observed. As soon as bubbles or a bubbling noise can be heard, the stove top espresso maker should be removed from the heat source. Cold water can then be poured over the Bialetti to complete the brewing process.Et voilà, the result is a fine Italian moka that can be freshly brewed anywhere. 

All three DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE products are perfect for implementation with a Bialetti stove top espresso maker. More information on preparation can be found here.

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