DEAD OR ALIVE goes Wohnzimmer

From now on, DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE and the “Wohnzimmer” in Klagenfurt are doing something together. Our DEAD OR ALIVE Moka N°08 can now be enjoyed in the “in-local” in Carinthia. The incredibly strong Italian coffee consists of 95% Robusta beans and impresses with a fine note of smoked oak. It is offered finely to medium-coarsely ground, perfect for preparation in a typical Italian stove top espresso maker. And these so called "Bialettis" are served on the table for the guests in the "Wohnzimmer"!The perfect mix of caffeine with fine Italian taste: pure Dolce Vita!

Likewise, with the DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE, an “Espresso Martini” cocktail was created for the night owls. The special mix makes the hearts of cocktail lovers beat faster and also ensures great nights with lots of adrenaline. True to the motto "Gimme the night". 

In addition, DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE runs over the counter in the second Carinthian restaurant owned by Wohnzimmer-owner Robert Krall: in the "Freiraum". The DEADLY STRONG ORIGINAL is brewed using a portafilter and now ensures racing hearts on the grounds of the Klagenfurt Clinic and at the same time pure pleasure.


“With Robert Krall, we have entered into a valuable cooperation with a thoroughbred restaurateur, which generates added value for both sides. Robert understands the business of "gastronomy" completely - and has creative and unusual ideas, not just with coffee. Our Moka N°08 served in the stove top espresso maker is simply brilliant, a real eye-catcher and an experience for the guests, ”says DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE owner Mike Feurstein, pleased about the cooperation.