Coffee is passion in a cup

Roasting coffee is a real art! Because around 20 minutes of master craftsmanship are decisive for the taste result of the fine beans. Temperature, time, chemical reactions - all of these factors must be used perfectly by the roaster.

Coffee is one of the most aromatic foods around. A single bean contains between 300,000 and 400,000 cells that undergo a chemical reaction when heat is applied. This means that up to 1,000 new aromas are formed during roasting, which gives the black brew a distinct taste. Expertise, experience and a lot of passion are required when it comes to the production of extraordinary beans.

And it is precisely these ingredients that are probably the secret of our DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE ORIGINAL. Our masterpiece "Deadly strong" is roasted in a small coffee factory in Austria. Always in small quantities of 30 kilograms, twice a week - to ensure maximum freshness. All three beans from different countries were carefully selected and put together by DOAC founder and CEO Mike Feurstein. This includes a Barahona bean from the Dominican Republic that has received a "Cup of Excellence" award. There is also a Kaapi Royal bean, which is one of the best Robustas in the world. The third bean in the bunch is "naturally processed" in Africa. Another quality feature of our DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE ORIGINAL beans: they all have a screen size of at least 18.


In addition to the selection of high-quality beans, there is another special feature: all three beans are roasted separately - compared to the usual roasting of a mixture together. A complex process that is definitely worth it. Because every coffee bean has its special character, which can only develop with adequate roasting. Time and temperature play a decisive role in this. And the result: a perfect blend of starch, taste and caffeine content.

dead or alive coffee roasting

Margreth, with roots in Colombia, is part of our small roaster team that gives the DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE ORIGINAL that special touch. Growing up on a coffee finca in Colombia, she was associated with aromatic beans from childhood. Her grandmother introduced her to the roasting process, back then in a clay pot over an open fire. For Margreth, DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE ORIGINAL is a “café lo que tiene personalidad, es único” - a unique coffee with personality. When roasting, she pays special attention to the degree of roasting, depending on the bean, between full city and city plus. So in the medium-high range to create special flavors - but not to burn the beans. Often the damn strong coffees are processed with a very high degree of roasting  - which then has negative effects on taste and health. Margreth sees this as the great advantage of "her" DOAC ORIGINAL: all three beans are of high quality, specially selected according to their properties and individually perfectly roasted. As a result, all lovers of strong coffee will not only discover black gold with a great taste experience, but also a “café fino”, i.e. a high-quality, noble coffee.


Another unique selling point of our ORIGINAL is that it is the perfect coffee all-rounder. Due to the elaborate selection and roasting, it is not too dark to drink as “coffee”, but also not too light for an espresso. It can be wonderfully prepared in the portafilter as well as in the French Press, Bialetti, in a fully automatic machine or with a filter machine. A strong coffee that can do just everything.


For Margreth, coffee means pure passion. Every time she stands in front of the roasting machine, she feels the connection to her grandmother. Memories of the handicraft in the Colombian finca come up. Your "abuela" is then part of your heart and reminds you to implement the work of art "coffee" with a lot of love and perfection. Probably another secret of the incredibly good taste of our unique, strong coffee.