DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE is strong coffee for those special moments when you need pure adrenaline. A natural energy kick in a cup - that also provides exceptional coffee taste. Coffee to keep you up, when sleep is lacking.

You can buy whole bean DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE from our online shop. The coffee is easy to prepare using all common coffee machines. Of course, you will get the best results with an espresso machine. If possible, use freshly ground beans, fill the portafilter and then use the tamper. Next, the machine forces hot water through the portafilter for about 28 seconds. The result: a delicious espresso with perfect crema and intense coffee flavor. You can also adjust the portafilter based on what you want, varying the grind of the beans or the amount of coffee used.

Anyone who wants fast and clean coffee preparation can get a fantastic result with a filter machine. Prepare coffee and espresso at the touch of a button, in the office or at home.

You can also make classic DEAD OR ALIVE espresso using a bialetti stove top espresso maker. Just like the italians, you put water into the lower part and fill the sieve with ground coffee. When you heat the coffee maker on the stove top, water is forced up through the coffee grinds, creating that classic, italian-style espresso.

Preparing DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE in a french press is also easy. In this case, you pour hot water onto the grinds and they stay in constant contact. Pressing down the metal filter separates the coffee from the grinds. This creates a particularly delicious brew, as the filter does not separate the oils and fats from the coffee, creating a coffee with particular body.

You can also brew DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE with traditional hand filters. In this case, you pour the hot water over the grinds, which swell and soak up the water. It takes about 3-4 minutes to prepare a half-liter of fine, aromatic DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE.

However you brew it, DEAD OR ALIVE COFFE provides that kick and "makes you feel alive".