More coffee, more power – this is the strong claim for our new DEAD OR ALIVE ESPRESSO No03. A perfect description for the dark, black beans of this even stronger coffee than the DEAD OR ALIVE ORIGINAL. A fine tasting espresso, that literally keeps you going day and night. A full-bodied premium blend for your everyday coffee ritual!

Entering one of those old, stylish Italian coffee bars. Being greeted by an immaculate waiter with a “Ciao, signore”. A beautiful, shining espresso machine set up behind the bar. The hissing shriek that the machine makes, when the steam is forced through the ground coffee to brew delicious espresso. It was all about that scenario, when we were creating our Nr03 espresso - the second and even stronger coffee product next to DEAD OR ALIVE ORIGINAL.

True to the DEAD OR ALIVE philosophy, only the strongest beans end up in the coffee bag. For the DOAC Nr03 that means three different, high quality robusta beans from all over the world have been put together for this special blend. Sustainably grown, honestly traded and fairly paid. Roasted in an old, established Italian roastery with around 100 years of experience. According to a secret, Neapolitan recipe that has its roots in the coffee brewing of the old days. The beans promise a tasty, full-bodied espresso with a high dose of caffeine – due to the blend of 100% robusta. One of the strongest coffees in the world, but at the same time extremely tasty with no bitterness at all. Roasted particularly gently and slowly, the blend guarantees an outstanding espresso experience with lots of punch. Created to brew with an espresso machine with portafilter or a fully automatic coffee machine.

Similar but different – our two coffee products
DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE stands for extremely strong, tasty coffee with a fine crema. Only the best quality beans end up in our bag! Due to our gentle roasting process, bitterness and acidity is always extracted in all of our products. Whereas our DEAD OR ALIVE ORIGINAL COFFEE is extremely strong with 70% of robusta and 30% of arabica beans, our new Nr03 is even stronger –containing 100% robusta beans. Furthermore our ORIGINAL COFFEE is produced elaborately, roasting each of the three beans separately. In order to create a blend that is suitable for coffee as well as for espresso and espresso products such as cappuccino or latte macchiato. A small batch production, that guarantees a maximum of freshness. For the Nr03 on the other hand, we use a blend of three beans and then roast them all together, slowly and gently. The result is a well-balanced espresso with lots of punch, furthermore the perfect base of a cappuccino or latte macchiato.

To sum up in short: All of our DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE products belong to the strongest coffees in the world with great taste. Always using high quality beans, roasting them gently and with lots of experience. The ORIGINAL COFFEE is aimed for the true coffee “connoisseur” and can be compared to a very fine bottle of wine, which is used for special occasions. The beans come in a regular bag of 500 grams and are suitable for coffee as well as espresso, due to its elaborate roasting. The new Nr03 on the other hand is made for the espresso aficionado and comes in the one kilo bag. To never run out of a good Southern-Italian espresso with a lot of punch. Due to a bigger production it is more economical but still meets all the high quality standards of DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE. No matter which product you choose –ordinary never ever ends up in our bags!