Marcos Cabrera did it again

Once again skate-artist Marcos Cabrera took pencil and paper to create our new DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE enamel mug. Due to the motto „from the jungle to the jungle“ he drew a scary scene, full of skulls and gorillas in the modern world city jungle. Palm trees and skyscrapers, coffeebeans and a coffeemug - these are the elements that illustrate the process of coffeemaking, from cultivation to the actual black liquid. And as always colourful and scary as hell, the typical trademark of artist Marcos Cabrera. „Watch out!“, is his message for us. „The modern world is like a big jungle, so if you are not careful out there you will likely end up with only skin and bones“, so Marcos with a wry grin on his face.

Marcos Cabrera Limited Edition Mug

The enamel mug has been produced in a limited edition of only 300 items. Each one has its unique number from 1-300.

The mug will can be purchased during our Halloween Sale, starting October 30th midday. GO AND GET YOURS!