DEAD OR ALIVE Nº08 Moka - for a strong Italian way to brew coffee at home

Our DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE Nº08 is all about true Italian coffee culture. Inspired by an old Neapoletan recipe and at the same time strong as hell. Roasted and ground for the use with a Bialetti stove top espresso maker. To indulge in your everyday coffee ritual, manually prepared at home. An intense and strong moka, which immediately kickstarts your day!

100 years of Italian coffee culture and fucking strong beans are perfectly combined in our new ground coffee, the DEAD OR ALIVE Nº08. The third outing of our infernal strong coffees. Perfectly roasted in our South-Italian roastery, which can look back to almost a centennial of coffee history. A place full of passion and experience, when it comes to creating the perfect blend for coffee with character. Four beans from different countries guarantee to hit right in and keep you going all day long. Roasted slowly, to get rid off bitterness and acidity. With a fine taste of smoked oak and more than 2% of caffeine.

Our Nº08 is created for the coffee aficionado, who loves to enjoy a moka at home. The beans are ground perfectly to brew coffee with a stove top espresso maker such as the Bialetti. For the pleasure of manually preparing your daily coffee. That ritual, that gets you going, especially in the mornings. And certainly for the pleasure of drinking fucking strong coffee.







DOAC Nº08 at one glance
Ground coffee, 250 grams

- 4 high quality beans from Uganda, Vietnam, India and Brasil - 95% robusta, 5% arabica
- contains more than 2% of caffeine to kickstart your life
- sustainably grown, honestly traded, fairly paid

- gentle and slowly roasted to extract bitterness and acidity
- South-Italian roastery with almost 100 years of experience and passion for coffee

- intense moka with character and aroma of smoked oak - full-bodied without bitterness and acidity

- third outing of our infernal strong coffees
- finely ground for the use with a stove top espresso maker (f.e. Bialetti) - for espresso, moka or cappuccino